Posted by: ChettePin | June 19, 2006

Kinunot na Pagi


I was rummaging the freezer this morning when I happened upon an odd package. I was puzzled as to what the package contained and when I looked in…Ahhh, frozen stingray…the wonder of freezers. I remember buying this a few weeks back thinking of making Kinunot but I was only able to boil it and didn’t have the time to cook it…so I had to chuck it in the freezer and wait for the right time to make this dish that I remember eating when I was young.   Now that I have all the time in my hands, I was at leisure to cook this dish that I used to love when I was a growing girl back in my hometown in Bicol. I don’t know if Kinunot is ever cooked in other regions of the country, but I’m sure Mama Miti could make one mean Kinunot.

 What is Kinunot? Kinunot is a dish made out of Stingray (Pagi) or Shark (Pating) cooked in coconut milk which is boiled until we render oil from the milk. It is lightly seasoned with salt and peppercorns. Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera Lamk) is added for its mild flavour, vitamin content and luscious green colour. Now, being Bicolana, I am supposed to add some chili to make the dish ‘fiery’…but my Bicolano blood is laying low nowadays and I have been eating less chili.

 Whenever I am in my regular scouring of the market, I would sometimes see shark being sold at the fish monger’s but I refrained from buying them because I couldn’t remember which type of shark I should get. My good ‘ol Mama Miti told me once that I have to be careful buying shark because if I get the wrong one, I would end up with a mapanghi (pee-smelling) kinunot. And for the life of me, I couldn’t remember whether it is the snub-nosed or the pointy-nosed shark that I should purchase. So out of fear, I restrained myself from procuring shark, lest I end up smelling-up the kitchen of pee. When I chanced upon these lovely stingrays, I was ecstatic….a kinunot cooking challenge!





For boiling:

1 kg pagi (stingray), cut into small pieces

1 ‘hand’ ginger, crushed




For the kinunot:

Boiled Pagi

garlic, crushed

ginger, crushed

1 onion, chopped finely


1 liter coconut milk


1/4 cup vinegar

malunggay leaves

siling haba (chili)

bird chili, if desired


To cook:

Boil pagi in water seasoned with salt, ginger and peppercorns until tender. Set aside. When cool, flake the meat. (My mom never let me take out the cartilage and ligaments because they were healthy to eat too.)


In a saucepan, put about 3/4 liter of coconut milk with the garlic, onions, ginger and peppercorns and let simmer stirring constantly to avoid the milk from curdling. When coconut milk thickens, add flaked pagi and let simmer some more until the liquid is reduced. Season with salt.


When the oil is starting to come out, add the remaining 1/4 liter of coconut milk, vinegar and chili. Let boil until the liquid is reduced again, add the malunggay leaves and let boil one more time. Serve with hot steamed rice.


Note: I like to eat this the next day after reheating. I think the taste is more incorporated after storing for a day.



  1. wow masiramon! just like bicol express, kinunot is superb when eaten with hot rice.
    Just don’t forget to scrape the skin of the pagi or pating after boiling para mawara or matanggal ang kaliskis … Lemonsito (suha sa Tigaon, Camarines Sur) tastes better than vinegar. But for longer shelf life vinegar is better …. happy eating to all!

  2. Hi Ramon, thanks for visiting my blog. I was surprised that someone would still be able to read this 2-year old post.

    I have never tried using kalamansi as souring ingredient in my kinunot and it sounds like it would make it really tasty. I have a kalamansi plant here that is starting to bear fruits again, so i will have something to use when i cook kinunot again next time.

  3. Hi, I’m Doris Dacuba. I randomly typed names of former classmates on the search engine. I chanced upon Ramon Cabaero who was classmate at Snta Clara Academy in Tigaon, Camarines Sur. May I ask if he is the same Ramon under the class of Mrs. Floresce SY 1977-78?


  4. Hi Doris,

    I have never met Ramon, nor know of his background. Like you, he chanced upon my blog and made a comment. He has mentioned Tigaon, Camarines Sur in his comment and maybe he is the same person you are looking for.

  5. to GoogleReader!

  6. […] and I, both self-confessed foodie, chose the popular dishes that Bicolanos are known for. The Kinunot na Pagi was the best of the lot; it was Sting Ray boiled with aromatics until tender, after which, it was […]

  7. gotcha! thanks a lot! matagal ko nang gustong matutunan kung paano iluto itong recipe na to, It just crossed my mind kaya I search and found your blog about this recipe, kasi may nakita akong shark meat sa fish section ng khalidiya mall, next time pag napadaan ako uli dun I’ll try to buy that shark meat, I just hope na di mapanghi yun tulad nang nasabi mo and magaya ko ang way at results ng pagluluto mo, but I’m sure di ko mapapantayan yun.. Thanks again..

  8. Thank you for reading! Hope successful ang Luto mo and that you would visit again…to let me know how it turned out. Hopefully after the holidays makakapagpost na ako ng mga bagong recipes. Have a merry christmas!

  9. kinunot na pagi is d best dish my mom can has different taste that everyone tried admired..well,as part of my Asian Cuisine Subj,we are going to cook Bicol Cuisine.luckily kinunot was assigned to me..just love to learn from my mother the secret of cooking the best kinunot..masiramon talaga

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